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Eurostat is the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level. By harmonising statistics from the European statistical system (ESS) to a single methodology, the statistics are made comparable.

Regarding ICT measurement, the Directorate on Social and information society
monitors three aspects with respect to enterprises, households and individuals:

  • The completion of a single European information space
  • Innovation and investment in ICT research
  • Achieving an inclusive European information society

These aspects correspond with the main aims of i2010 – a European Information Society for growth and employment. This is a strategic framework for the information society and a key element of the renewed Lisbon Strategy, and it offers a comprehensive strategy for the ICT and media sector.

For more information and Eurostat's database on the Information Society, CLICK HERE:

Last updated: 6 December 2006 15:08